About Sarandhariya

SARANDHARIYA INDUSTRY PVT.LTD is an FSSAI and ISO certified company , With the philosophy of 'reaching our customers heart and mind through their taste buds' We take pride that India's heritage and taste to the homes in the purest form and has no added flavor or color, Raw materials are carefully sourced from the best spice producing regions in India and their hygiene and quality are meticulously monitored throughout the manufacturing process.

Seemanchal spices are ground using the unique technology- Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology, which prevents the evaporation of delicate oils from spices. SEEMANCHAL SPICE thus retain the original aroma and flavor of authentic spices. The use of LOW HEAT Treatment of its’s spices ia an innovative process as hight temperature evqporates armotaic oils and compound of spices that are vital to taste and flavour .This ensure that Seemanchal spices have all the ingredients to make the food delicious and healthy.


SARANDHARIYA looks towards providing his clients with the pure and rich products from various regions of India bringing them closer to nature and culture.

We believe in providing world class product at affordable cost.

To maintain the stronghold of Indian spices across the world.

We aim to revolutionize the way to reach the Indian product across globe.

The Uniqueness of SDI (SEEMANCHAL SPICE)

Extreme care taken for Roasting & Blending of spices to enhance flavour by using sophisticated equipments.

Heat Drying Treatment in spices to reduce moisture and contamination of spices.

Cleaning and Sorting of spices to ensure purity.