How do we process our spices


We clean our spices to ensure right shape, density, weight, color and size. In addition to meeting our demands of consistent quality, we remove undesirable foreign matter through just some of following ways :

  • Destoning
  • In Line Magnets
  • Metal Detection
  • Screening


This is by far the most important stage in the process to ensure good quality spices. Inadequately dried produce will lead to mould growth in quality and Aroma.


Spices can graded by size ,density, colour, shape , flavour and Aroma


We use LTG (LOW TEMPERATURE GRINDING) tech for better aroma and quality . Our machine are Roller mills and Hammer mills. Machines are placed in a Separate and Well Ventilated room.


We pay special attention to our packaging as an effective packaging retains the aroma and freshness of the spices for longer periods of the time. The increased shelf life of products ensures that our spices are still fragrant and aromatic by the time they are finally consumed. The attractive and colorful packaging also provides product differentiation for our spices. Our packaing's materials are moisture free and hypoallergenic therefore do not interfere with the natural composition of the spices.